The term catalyst is often used to refer to the prime agent of any change. Our Catalyst Athlete Program is our onsite class program that has helped spark change in our members. It has helped them burn fat, build lean muscle mass, increase strength all in a safe and effective method.
This program is designed for moderate to advance individuals who have experience in the weight room. This program is written by certified strength and conditioning coach, Eleiko Olympic certified, and functional movement screen certified coach Kyle.
The workouts are specifically designed to help individuals improve in every aspect of fitness; strength, speed, and endurance. It will help you become more flexible, lean, strong, and most of all injury free.  Our Catalyst program is planned out to decrease the risk of injury while optimizing your desired training effect.
Expect to perform everything from; Olympic Lifting progressions, plyometrics, weightlifting, metabolic conditioning circuits, speed and agility drills, and more! Click Here to purchase the Program!

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