Amanda 3 months postpartum

“As the owner of Trainers On Call, I wanted to lead by example with my workouts during my pregnancy and postpartum. I believe it’s important to take care of your health in every season of life -pregnancy is no exception. If anything, I became more aware of how my body responded to my workouts and to the food I was fueling my body and my baby with. Balancing a baby (and breastfeeding), marriage and a business is tough stuff. However, I had to MAKE time for myself and my health because if mama isn’t happy, it effects the whole house. 🙂  If you’re short on time, you can still squeeze in a 30 minute workout. I can help you design a program to work with your busy schedule. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, start working out NOW to build your endurance. I believe working out and having a FIT lifestyle helped me have an easy delivery (I pushed 3 times and he popped out in under 10 minutes) Every pregnancy is different, and I was blessed to not have any complications, so listen to your body (and your doctor) before starting and during any workouts! You can also lead by example and have a fit and healthy pregnancy and life!”

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