Andi lost 30 Pounds

I have been training with TOC since the beginning of March. I’ve done personal training with Amanda Cabrera and now with Becca. I’ve also been a regular every Tuesday and Thursday evening for their FIT classes. The FIT classes are not only incredibly challenging, the workout is different every class so you are never bored. I’ve come to love “hanging out” with the TOC fit-family and it makes working out down right fun. I found that the personal training is great for that extra push and extra attention. For instance right now my two personal training sessions a week go to only focus on my arms and back because that’s what I really want extra help in. When I first started Amanda weighed and measured me, along with doing the fat measurements. While training with TOC I’ve lost a total of 30 pounds, 16% body fat, and 8″ off my waist! I’ve done this by working out at TOC 5x a week and I also add in my own cardio. I play racquetball once or twice a week and run at least once a week. I also do a dancing class once a week for fun cardio. I also practice yoga twice a week. I find that the more I work out the better I want to eat. I personally don’t eat completely clean but I do avoid foods with added sugar, I avoid fried foods, and any processed food is out of the question but all the while I don’t consider myself on a diet, I am just eating better for life! I journal my foods and stay under 1600 calories and this is what has helped me lose a total of 42lbs since October. I know the trainers at TOC can get you sorted out with a meal plan as well if that’s something you want help in, they’ve done that for my daughter!

I value the staff at TOC more than I can express. They have been vital to my success and I know I can count on them to see me through to my next goals!  🙂

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