Ben Lost 30 Pounds

Ben lost 30 pounds!Prior to training with Amanda, I was struggling to stay motivated. During my years as a Division I Baseball player, my body was constantly being pushed to new levels by the strength and conditioning coach. I was able to stay motivated with my workouts throughout law school. However, once I started working full time and started a family, it became very difficult to stay committed to a workout program. As a result of this lack of commitment, my weight increased to 220 pounds.

I gave Amanda a call and we sat down and discussed my goals. She told me there was no quick fix and that it was going to be a lifestyle change. Amanda’s training sessions are high energy and push you to your limit. The workouts are diverse and designed to shock your muscles. Amanda also stressed the importance of eating healthy. There were no diets. She taught me how to make smart, healthy choices on a daily basis. This was a major factor in my success. Instead of grabbing fast-food in between court cases, my brief case is stocked with protein bars and water each morning.

 I have lost over 30 pounds, my body fat has decreased, and my lean muscle mass has increased. I recently completed the Metro Dash race in Virginia Beach. A year ago, I would not have finished. Amanda’s high energy training, advice on healthy choices, and commitment to my success have kept me motivated and looking forward to achieving more fitness goals.

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