Diana is Thriving


DianaLast year I was sick, overweight and miserable. I was on the mend from a catastrophic illness that almost took my life several years earlier. The illness left me disabled with atrophied muscles and very little energy. Being a military wife and the mother of two very active sons, and approaching age 50 at the speed of light, I wanted nothing more than to enjoy life with my family: to participate. Something had to change.

I wasn’t motivated enough to go to the gym, but I knew I needed to work out. I had heard of Trainers on Call, and their excellent reputation. I gave them a call and was soon set up with Alicia. That was the day my life turned around for the better. I could not have asked for or predicted that I would have the privilege of knowing and training with such an awesome individual. We have been working out together twice a week since October 2011 and my whole life has turned around. She met me where I was. She is very sensitive to my health issues. She coordinated with my physical therapist and is able to balance pushing and motivating me without injuring or intimidating me. I respect her on so many levels, not only as a professional trainer but now as a friend.

Since working with Alicia, I have lost 24 pounds and I have increased my lean muscle mass, strength, confidence and endurance. Every day I feel better, I look better, and I am a better wife and mother. We are enjoying family adventures together. Today not only am I participating, I am thriving. I just can’t say enough about Alicia and Trainers on Call. An investment with them, is an investment in health, vitality and a happy life. Thank you Alicia, from the bottom of my heart. I thank you and my family thanks you!


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