Nancy lost 25 Pounds

“Once upon a time I went on a two week cruise during which pictures were taken. It wasn’t until I went to pick up the pics where I suddenly realized, “gosh I’m a doughnut!” and was disgusted. It also hit me that if I continued this course of being a “doughnut” I would soon be one of those patients in the hospital that I took care of. Upon my return, I decided “NO MORE DOUGHNUT!” and called Amanda Crowe with Trainers On Call.

In four months of training with Trainers On Call, I am 25 pounds lighter, Ive lost 7″ off of my waist, 5″ off of my hips and I am fitting into clothes that I have not worn in years!  Working out has now become a way of life for me, and I look forward to seeing what the next 4 months brings! Thanks Amanda!

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