Tammy V.

TammyVI started the Get Fit Challenge to get in shape and tone up for my wedding. In just three months, I decreased my body fat percentage and lost inches everywhere! Not only that but Amanda, and Trainers on Call, have helped me make lifestyle changes that I know I will maintain. I actually look forward to my workouts now and love the feeling of being sore the next day (sometimes the same day). Even after the challenge ended, I still attend the classes regularly because I truly enjoy going. Amanda is so supportive and keeps you motivated through each workout.

I have always wanted to run but never had the confidence or motivation to do it. Since starting with Amanda, I have already completed my first 5k and have signed up for three other races this spring and summer (one is a 1/2 marathon)! I continue to set goals for myself and with the help of Trainers on Call I know I will meet them. Thank you!!

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