Let’s be honest, there are a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to looking for a gym in the Virginia Beach Area. There are so many that it can be a little overwhelming when it comes time to decide where you want to spend your time and money. I have visited every gym in the area, and with so many choices and long-term contracts, I am going to tell you why TRAINERS ON CALL is your only choice. Although my opinion is biased, the following reasons will help make your choice a little easier. 


Reason #1 – Educated Staff

            Our mission at Trainers on Call is to change lives through health and fitness. Our goal is to not only give you a great workout that will produce results, we also want to educate every member that walks through our door on the WHY behind our programming. We understand that your health and wellness is not a short term achievement; it is a lifestyle.   With that in mind, we aim to educate all of our members on proper form, what to look for in a training program, gym and community. We give our members the tools they will need to make a lifestyle change and to get fit for life.

            Each member of our staff has worked closely with hundreds of trainees of all different ages, backgrounds, and goals. Not only is our staff highly educated, they are all deeply passionate about helping others improve in every aspect of their life. One thing I’ve learned during my time in the fitness field is, a poor program coached well is always better than a great program poorly coached. At TOC, we have both! Our exercise programming is designed from sound scientific research mixed with real world application. We also make sure to provide a positive training environment that helps members feel good about chasing their goals, whatever they may be. For more information on our educated coaches visit our trainers biography page! http://trainersoncallva.com/our-trainers/

Reason #2 – The Facility

You won’t find any other gym in Virginia Beach with the vast level of equipment to help members reach their goals. Trainers on Call has every piece of equipment you need. You won’t find any fluff machines or pointless cardio equipment. Trainers on Call’s layout mimics what you would find at any respected strength and conditioning facility for a reason. We don’t stop at having a variety of equipment, we make sure every piece is of the highest quality. We have extensive equipment for rehabbing an injury, top tier cardio options (Versa Climbers, Woodway Treadmills, Concept 2 Rowers, Assault and Spin Bikes), and equipment essentials for bodybuilding, powerlifting, speed, and Olympic lifting training. These are all things I nerd out about. It excites me so much, and no other gym in the area has this wide of a variety of top grade equipment. Not only is the equipment great, there are two showers per restroom, changing areas, childcare, and other amenities that make a membership at TOC that much more worth it. Take it from a professional, anything you could possibly need is here.


Reason #3 – Our classes are like no others

Our classes are written by certified strength and conditioning coach, Eleiko olympic certified, and functional movement screen certified coach Kyle. Classes are modified for beginners and are specifically designed to help members improve in every aspect of fitness; strength, speed, and endurance. We understand our class members want to be flexible, lean, strong, and most of all injury free. Not only that, but our classes actually take up the hour we designate for them. The class program is planned out in advance to decrease the risk of injury while optimizing your desired training effect. We also make it a point to test our members periodically throughout the year so we can know what is working and what is not. The importance of testing, evaluation, and retesting is underrated and commonly forgotten in most other gyms and training plans.


Reason #4 – 24/7 Access

What’s not to love about 24/7 access!? Maybe you do our classes, but you missed the class time that day, the workout will still be available to you to follow and there’s a good chance a coach will there to assist you with any questions. If you are a gym member who does not take classes and have a question regarding fitness, our coaches will still give you their time and best service because we know every member matters. Not to mention you’re allowed to play your music over the loud speakers!


Reason #5 – Package variety

Whether you want to reach your goals through personal training, unlimited group classes, small group training, or working out on your own, Trainers On Call offers a wide variety of memberships for your convenience- all at a competitive price. Starting at just $40/month, Trainers on Call offers the most bang for your buck. The facility is never overcrowded, and all of the reason’s I’ve listed should be reason enough to stop in now. No matter what your specific needs are we have an affordable plan and trainer perfect for you.


Reason #6 – The Members

Our members are the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Our slogan is not the planet fitness no judgement BS, but our environment is perfect for making everyone feel comfortable no matter where they are on their fitness journey. Our coaches and members understand everyone has their own starting point and journey. Community is something that members bring to a business, and we are lucky to have that rapport and support from our members.


Reason #7 – Location

Location is a big key when choosing a gym. Having a gym that’s near work or home is important in today’s busy society. Trainers on Call is conveniently located in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach across from Whole Foods. Even if you don’t live or work in this area, if you live in Virginia Beach, our facility is only a minute away from I-264. 


Closing Argument

Trainers On Call is the all around package.  Average isn’t good enough for us, and it shouldn’t be enough for you. If you have the privilege to train at an amazing facility at a great price that will help guide you to reaching your goals, then I say it’s your responsibility to act on it and not take it for granted. Your first week is FREE, so lets get started today!